Book keys and course codes

You use book keys and course codes to ensure that you are using the correct book and are enrolled in the correct class.

What is a book key?

Your Quia book key is a 16-19 character code that allows you to access your Quia book from your account. Once you enter your book key, you will have the option to enter a Quia course code that will register you for your class and allow you to submit your assignments to your instructor.

You can start using your book in two easy steps:

Enter book keyEnter course codeStart assignments
Enter course codeEnter book keyStart assignments

Where do I find my key?
The book key is usually packaged with your textbook. The 16-19 character code should be included in a white envelope or printed on the inside of a cardboard bi-fold that may be shrink wrapped in plastic. Your book key will not be printed on any part of your textbook.

Do I need to enter my book key every time I use my book?
Your book key is a one-time-use key. Once you have entered the book key, you will not need to enter it again. To access your book, simply log in to your account by entering your username and password.

Where can I purchase a book key?
If you purchased a used textbook, or if your new textbook did not include a book key, you may purchase a book key from the Quia Bookstore.

Please note that when you purchase a Quia book online, it is automatically added to your account for immediate access. You will not need to enter a book key or wait to receive a book key in the mail.

What is a course code?

A course code is a combination of letters and numbers that you enter to enroll in your instructor's class. Each instructor has his or her own course code (or codes, if he or she teaches multiple classes).

Your instructor will give you the appropriate course code. Once you have received the course code, go to the home page and log in. Then, enter the course code in the field next to your book.

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